Aminoacizi - AMINO X 435g

AMINO X 435g

Producator : BSN
Adresa magazine:
  • Crangasi - Sos. Virtutii nr 148 (EMAG GRANT SHOPPING CENTER)
  • Piata Muncii - Sos. Mihai Bravu nr 215 (50m de metrou Piata Muncii)
  • Baneasa - Str. Amiral Horia Macelariu 83 (Cortina Residence)

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Over the years, BSN® has supplied the supplement world with a host of novel muscle-building products. In our undying quest to bring exciting and innovative products to the marketplace, we have developed the newest supplement breakthrough with BSN®’s highly-anticipated entry into the branched-chain amino acid market with AMINO X – the first Effervescent BCAA Endurance and Recovery Agent. In addition to being a highly anabolic blend, AMINO X™ is the first instantized effervescent BCAA formula. By utilizing an effervescent delivery system along with instantized amino acids, BCAAs, EAAs, Vitamin D and Citrulline Malate are taken up more rapidly. Additionally, the effervescent form of Vitamin D may serve further anabolic functions, while Citrulline Malate helps to support nitric oxide production, aiding users in maximizing their full anabolic potential.

BSN Amino X Features

• World’s First Effervescent Instantized Amino Acid Product
• 10 g of Micronized Anti-Catabolic Amino Acids per Serving
• 2 g of mTOR-Stimulating Leucine per Serving
• 500 Anabolic IUs of Vitamin D per Serving
• Stimulant-Free – Can Be Used Anytime, Day or Night
• Mixes Easily and Completely – No Clumping
• Tastes Great
• Protein Synthesis /Anabolism
• Glycogen Resynthesis
• Anti-Catabolism / Muscle Sparing
• Recovery from Training Sessions
• Muscular Endurance
• Resistance to Muscular Fatigue

Mod de administrare BSN Amino X:  ca supliment alimentar se consuma o servire (14.5g) cu 200ml apa rece, se poate administra inainte, in timpul sau dupa antrenament.

Ingrediente BSN Amino X:

Servire: 1 Cupa (14.5g)
Continut / Servire   DZR%
Valoarea Energetica   160mg   7% 
Carbohidrati   1g   1% 
Vitamin D   500 IU   125% 
Sodiu 160mg 7%
Anabolic Amino Acid Interfusion    10g
Efforsorb EnDura Composite    2 g
Acid Malic
Bicarbonat de Sodiu
Acid Citric


















Alte ingrediente BSN Amino X: Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium and FD&C Blue #1.


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