Concentrate Proteice - Daily Protein 2kg

Daily Protein 2kg

Producator : STACKER2
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Daily Protein
Consuming a protein shake daily fits in with an active lifestyle. If you sport a lot, and are working towards a goal that is perfect for you, then you’ll benefit from a protein-rich shake to help you feel as fit as possible.
Stacker2 Europe’s Daily Protein is a protein shake which contains 21 grams of protein per serving. If you mix our protein with skimmed milk, then you’re increasing your protein intake up to 28 grams! Daily Protein consists of whey and milk proteins, supplemented with free amino acids such as extra BCAAs.
Creamy, delicious shake
Developing a premium quality, tasty protein shake: Daily Protein uses only the most pure and natural sources of protein. This results in a creamy shake with a fantastic taste. It’s pure enjoyment!
The benefits of protein
By taking a recommended protein in-take, it helps contribute to your chosen goals in many ways. For example; proteins are involved in the growth of muscle fibres. This enables you to recover more quickly after a workout, and helps you to work towards a body weight that is perfect for you!
Daily Protein contains pure whey proteins and milk proteins. These proteins have a high biological value. A high biological value means that the proteins are useful for your body and are easily absorbed with a source of essential amino acids such as BCAAs and Glutamine.
Benefits of Daily Protein (per shake, dissolved in water)

Contain high-value proteins and essential amino acids
• 7 grams of essential amino acids
• 4 grams of BCAAs
• 3 grams of L-glutamine
• 2 grams of L-leucine
• 1 gram of L-isoleucine
• 1 gram of L-valine

Natural source of minerals
• Calcium 368 mg
• Phosphorus 470 mg
• Potassium 285 mg
• Magnesium 28 mg
• Zinc 1.4 mg

Natural source of bioactive substances

  • Contains natural lactoferrin
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Contains natural alpha-lactalbumin
  • Contains natural growth factor
  • Contains natural immunoglobulins
  • Daily Protein is available in four delicious flavours.

Informatii nutritionale:

Servire: 33.3g  
Valoarea energetica 499kj/120kcal
Lipide 0g
Carbohidrati 8g
  -din care zaharuri 3g
Proteine 21g
Sodiu 0.2g
Calciu 368mg
Fosfor 470mg
Potasiu 285mg
Magneziu 28mg
Zinc 1,4mg
BCAAs 4g
 L-Leucina 2g
L-Isoleucina 1g
L-Valina 1g
L-Glutamina 3g
EAAs 7g

Ingrediente Stacker2 Daily Protein: pudra proteica din lapte, concentrat proteic din zwer, concentrat proteic din lapte, proteina izolata din zer, L-Leucina, L-isoleucina, L-Valina, arome (contine glicina), agent de ingrosare (faina de grâu, gumă de xantan, gumă de guar), colorant natural, îndulcitori (sucraloză, acesulfam k), emulgator (floarea-soarelui, lecitină de soia).


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