Vitamine & Minerale - SALT 120 CAPSULE


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  • Crangasi - Sos. Virtutii nr 148 (EMAG GRANT SHOPPING CENTER)
  • Piata Muncii - Sos. Mihai Bravu nr 215 (50m de metrou Piata Muncii)
  • Baneasa - Str. Amiral Horia Macelariu 83 (Cortina Residence)

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This unique mixture of electrolytes and vitamins is intended not only for professional athletes. Electrolyte imbalance or considerable reduction of their level due to physical activity together with loss of body fluids can cause a sensation of weakness and the onset of cramps in an athlete.

SALT CAPS prevent these undesirable conditions and significantly increase performance quality. The mixture of electrolytes, combined with vitamins B1 and B5, reduces exhaustion and fatigue, facilitates electrolyte balance, and supports energy metabolism.

Recommended dosage: during workout days, use 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules approx. 40 minutes before the workout. During workout, use as needed. When having troubles and in preparation for the workout, take 5 capsules daily for 2 days before the workout. Maximum daily dose: 5 capsules. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Informatii nurtritionale Nutrend Salt Caps:

Servire: 5 Capsule  
Continut / Servire   VNR%
Sodiu 420 mg 
Magneziu 69,5 mg 19%
Pantothenic acid 9,5 mg 158%
Niacina 8,5 mg 53%
Tiamina      2 mg 182%
Riboflavina 0,45 mg 32%
Vitamina B6 0,4 mg 29%
L‑Carnosina 34,5 mg


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