Energie & N.O. (Oxid Nitric) - M6teen 12x60 ml

M6teen 12x60 ml

Producator : DY NUTRITION
Adresa magazine:
  • Crangasi - Sos. Virtutii nr 148 (EMAG GRANT SHOPPING CENTER)
  • Piata Muncii - Sos. Mihai Bravu nr 215 (50m de metrou Piata Muncii)
  • Baneasa - Str. Amiral Horia Macelariu 83 (Cortina Residence)

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#M6teen is a fast-action weapon that blasts a barrage of smoldering energy.

The combat proven Battle-Blend will make you give everything you’ve got during your next mission.

Fortified with a vitamin B complex, #M6teen is the ultimate weapon against lukewarm physical exercise.

Informatii nutritionale:

Servire: 60ml    
Continut  /  Servire
Vitamin B6 2.7 mg 197%
Vitamin B12 32 µg 1280%

Battle-Blend: Beta-Alanine, taurine, Caffeine, Vitamin B3

6.12 g


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